Thursday, September 25, 2008

Borodino 1812 - Poniatowski's 5th Corps attacks Toutckov III Corps

Our battle is was based on Poniatowki's attack on the Russian III Corps in and around the small village of Utitsa. Poniatowkis with his Corps of 24 Battalions and light cavalry attachments were tasked with attacking the southern flank of the Russian positions at Borodino. Opposing him was the Russian III Corps under the command of Lt-Gen Tuchkov. Tuchkov's troops consisted of the 1st Grenadier Division, including the Pavlov Grenadier Regiment and the 3rd Infantry Division. He also had a large number of cossacks protecting his left flank and the Moscow Opolchenie. I also added two divisions from the 1st Cavalry Corps as re-enforcements for the Poles and the 2nd Cuirassier Division as re-enforcements for the Russians. The Russians were also supported by guns from the Bagration Fleches.

18th Polish Division (12 Battalions)
Poniatowski's 5th Corps the village of Utitsa
The game focused on both sides contesting the village of Utitsa. The majority of the Polish Corps was pulled into this fight, with just the light cavalry brigades holding the right flank against small Russian advances. The Russians however were able to hold the village from repeated attacks with just one Division - the 1st Grenadier Division - with the Pavlov Grenadiers doing the majority of fighting.
3rd Infantry Division finds cover, in the dense brushwood, from Polish artillery fire.
Moscow Opolchenie
Karpov's Cossacks
Toutckov awaits the out come of his attack on Utitsa, behind the protection of two artillery batteries.
However by the third turn the Polish were able to call on the two heavy cavalry divisions from the 1st Cavalry Corps for re-enforcements and to hopefully bolster their attacks on the village. But these fine horsemen suffered badly, when attacking the Russian right flank, from the batteries on the Bagration Fleches. Then to seal their fate five fresh Russian Cuirassier Regiments, from the 2nd Cuirassier Division charged into battle and saved Toutckov's flank giving way. In the end the Poles ceded the village to the Russians and withdrew from the battlefield. Victory to the Russians.
Two Heavy Cavalry Divisions move in to support the attacks on the Russian right flank.
But suffer badly from the Russian batteries in the Bagration Fleches.

Then after getting in behind the Russian left flank they are hit hard by five fresh Russian Cuirassier Regiments from the 2nd Cuirassier Division.

Utitsa stays in the hands of the Russians.


Milton said...

this looks awesome. What rules are you using?

Vinnie said...

The rules used were the new Shako2 rules but with a 10 sided dice.


Author said...

Okay, I cannot be the first to say this...

Why on earth do you only make ONE photo per blog entry enlargeable? I am DYING to see that Napoleonic entry in BIG pictures so I can really look at the figures! Please do consider changing this:)


Vinnie said...

Sorry, but I have tried to make the pictures enlarge. I'm sure it is a simple process but I am not that good with computers. I will however give it another go, but I can not promise anything. And you are correct in not being the first to ask this question.

Thanks again


Adik said...


thank you for sharing this exciting battle report, and the beautiful pictures! It makes me crave for more wargaming, and a time when my life has been completely absorbed by work. Thanks for fueling the excitement!


Vinnie said...

Not a problem -thanks for the comment


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I'm surprised the table didn't break under all that lead.Great looking board yet again.