Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elite Miniatures - 1812 French in Campaign Dress

The figures shown are the latest figures available from Elite Miniatures Australia. They are the final figures for the French Line Infantry 1812-15 range. All figures are in the classic march attack pose, however Peter has designed the range to have at least six variants for the Fusiliers and Flank Companies. So there is a great mix of covered and uncovered shakos, frying pans for cooking and the odd pack with a spare pair boots for the campaign. There is also two poses for the drummers and officers. But only one pose for the mounted officer and standard bearer. They are great looking figures and easy to paint. The figures shown have been painted by Leroy Simpson.


Scott MacPhee said...

Man, those are beautiful.

Vinnie said...

Thanks Scott,
Leroy does a great job painting Elite Miniatures. We are lucky to have him living in the same city.


Scott Robertson said...

Mate I will be getting some of the new French range this year and starting back into Napoleonics. Will you have them at MOAB. Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

Good to hear your coming back to Napoleonics. Yes Mate all the new stock will be coming down with me to MOAB. I will also have some more of the early war Prussians (Grenadier moulds are turning up soon). Tried leaving a message for you on your Blog but would not work? The Sudan stuff is coming on great. Looking forward to playing with the igures at the Brisbane Muster.



Bluewillow said...

mate they look sweet, I will see you at moab!