Wednesday, July 2, 2008

String Of Pearls - Flames of War

This was the second game played on the same night and again the scenario was taken from the 'Operation Cobra' booklet from Flames of War. The idea was that now the Americans had hedge cutters they were able to break through the bocage and easily flank the German position. However the Germans were dug in along the hedges and would prove hard to dislodge, especially since that they were SS again, 'Das Fuhrer'. The Germans also had a reserve of two MKIV's to go with three SS- Panzergrenadier platoons, one SS-Panzerpionier platoon, two anti-tank guns, one other MK IV and of course Company HQ.

View of the right flank of the German positions. The vehicles in the foreground had to get to the other side of the table (along the road) with getting destroyed by the Americans.

The Germans started in prepared positions

My Shermans with hedge cutters attempt to break through the bocage and flank the German position.

The Americans fielded three tank platoons and two armored Rifle platoons. Not much to take on the SS..... where was the air cover they promised? We had no change, barely had the hedge cutters gone through the hedges and they would be destroyed by anti-tank fire. Infantry where unable to deploy and the German re-enforcements came on table by the second turn...not a hope in hell could we break through. Jules made one attack on the left flank and was beaten back and I tried to conduct a frontal attack with a infantry support on the flanks but again I was beaten back with heavy causalities. Tough one again.

Only a narrow strip of cover was provided for our attack. Already one of our Shermans fell to German anti-tank fire. We were boxed in.

My Shermans try to punch their way through the tough German defences.

But all are destroyed and the American attack grinds to a halt.

The centre of German resistance.


Matt (aka bluewillow) said...

the septics cop it once again, Infantry assault up the guts what were you thinking, smoke, arty support then send the grunts, I'd expect more from a senior NCO!

cracking looking game all the same


Steve said...

Superb terrain... brilliant!

Vinnie said...

No smoke artillery support.not much else to do.

Cheers Matty

Fluffy05 said...

Where did you get the great buildings from?

Fluffy05 said...

Great photos and terrain!

Vinnie said...

Thank you fot he comments on the blog. always great to hear a positive comments. The terrain (bocage and buildings) were made by a guy in England. I will find out for you next time I go over to John's for a game.

All the best