Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Barkmann's Corner - Flames of War

This game was one of two we played at John's house the other night. Both games were scenarios from the 'Operation Cobra' booklet, Flames of War. The scenario is based on Ernst Barkmann's famed defence against a company of Shermans from the 32nd Armoured Regiment.

The lead tanks goes up in smoke, blocking the road, Dog Company, 32nd Armored Regiment has to go through the bocage.

Oberscharfuhrer Ernst Barmann moves up the road only stopping to engage and destroy another of our stranded Shermans.

Myself and Jules were to play the Americans and John played Barkmann. Forces included three platoons of Shermans (two of five and one of four) plus the Company HQ (of two Shermans). Germans consisted of one Panther tank (commanded by Barkmann) and one platoon of SS-Panzergrenadiers (with only two squads).

We brake through the bocage, leaving burning tanks behind us, and move forward hoping to flank the German position.

Shermans reach the final bocage hoping to get a shot at the lone Panther.
We have him now?

As you could guess the game did not go that well for us, pushing the Shermans off the road and through the bocage proved harder then it looked (three tanks were lost to Barkmann doing this, including the Company Commander). However we did manage to get the remainder of the company through only to be picked of one by one by the Panther and the SS infantry. It proved a tough game for myself and Jules especially trying to get on the flank of Barkmann's Panther, only flank shot from our tanks had any hope of destroying him.

Nope! SS Panzergrenadiers are lying in wait behind the bocage.

And deliver the final blow to our flanking attack, my platoon is instantly destroyed by the deadly handheld anti-tank weapons of the German infantry.


Fluffy05 said...

Great Photos!

The nicest German panzer grenadiers I have seen!

Who painted them? Any tips :D

Happy Gaming,


Vinnie said...

Not sure on the painter but I can find out from John for you. I think however they have featured in a number of Flames of War articles over the last year and were painted buy a guy in the UKa.


Fluffy05 said...

By the looks of the models I think they were painted by Warpainter.

You guys have great scenery and well painted models. best sort of thing when gaming with mates!

wished I lived in Townsville (or you guys lived in Toowoomba QLD.

Happy gaming,


Terry said...

Sorry I missed this one but will catch up with you soon

Vinnie said...

No worries Terry but there will be plenty more games to come.