Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alexanders Successors - Demetrios Poliorketes Vs Seleucus

Yesterday the boys from the 'Lonely Gamers' club put on a great little Successors battle, using WAB Successors supplement (still yet to be published). The army sizes were 4997pts for the Seleucid Early Successor Army and 4975pts for the Demetrios's Antigonid Early Successor Army. Players were Myself and Jeff on the Antigonid side and Leroy and John Williams on the Seleucid side.

Demetrios's battleline his right anchored by the fortified camp.

Seleucus's battleline with his strong left flank - three units of cavalry, two elephants and his Hypaspists formed as light infantry.

The scenario was roughly based of one of the many small battles Demetrios had against the growing power of Seleucus. One side fighting to regain lost ground and Babylon, for his father and the other trying to regain and build his own empire. The battlefield was set up so that each army had their own fortified camp to hold and defend from the other and with numerous area of rough ground, just to slow down the pike and force the army commanders to think of better ways to combat the other.

The only cavalry unit on Seleucus's right flank was a unit of Skythians (Tin Soldier).

Tarentine light cavalry (Navigator Miniatures) fighting for the Antigonid Army.

The Antigonid battle plan was to move forward the pike blocks in the centre hopefully stopping and holding the Seleucid pike in place, then advance on the left with light cavalry and infantry hoping to turn his left. On the Antigonid right defence was based on the fortified camp and two cavalry units plus the Hypaspists (formed up in a Phalanx).

Seleucid pike guard their fortified camp.

A fantastic center piece for John's collection. Not sure who painted these figures but the dying elephant looks great.

The massed Seleucid cavalry on the their left flank. Forward of them and not pictured are two elephants and Thracian light infantry. Seleucus is the single mounted figure behind them.

The Seleucid plan was also very simple -hold with the infantry all along the front, refusing the right and then with all the most of the cavalry, elephants and light infantry attack on the left, take the Antigonid camp and then sweep around the flank of their army and cutting them off from retreat.

Seleucus's Thracians are charged and then defeat Demetrios's Arab camel riders.

'The thin red line'. Antigonid veterans and regulars advance towards the Seleucid pike.

The Seleucid battleline advance to meet them.

Both plans work well from much of the game, however the Seleucids failed to take the camp and then in a head on charge both commanders attacked each other. Seleucus companions broke and routed. Demetrios pursued and rode him down. The Seleucid army soon gave up the fight and the Antigonos regained his kingdom.

A view from the Antigonid camp.

Figures used were a mix of A&A, Old Glory, Vendel and Foundry Miniatures. All figures used were from John Maguires and my collections. I have also been busy making up some desert terrain since last time I used this mat I did not have any and got in trouble from one of the boys.


Scott Robertson said...

Mate looks great especially since you are using some terrain on the boards. Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

Thanks Scott,
I made the terrain up especially for you buddy.


Matt (aka bluewillow) said...

supurb set up mate those pike blocks are just awesome!

Love the elephant bursting into the pike block, excellent