Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flames of War 'Objective Markers'

I was just over at John's house playing a friendly game of Flames of War, on Friday night and could not help to notice the great objective markers he was using. The first one shown has been painted by John's good friend Clarky (from Brisbane). The Stalingrad marker is just fantastic and which has already received a lot of great comments on numerous other sites. The painting plus modeling of this piece is spot on - "Bloody Good Clarky" The other objective marker is from John's American Airborne collection, another army which as seen a fair bit of air time on this blog. But I am unsure of the painter.

Anyway enjoy the photos. We are going to play a few great little scenarios, soon , from Flames of War and with John's professionally painted armies. So keep your eyes fixed for the next post.

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where does the ruin come from? maker?