Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Fall of The West (WAB) - Late Imperial Romans take on the Saxon Hoards

Our second game for the weekend was played on the Monday and was based on 'The Fall of The West' WAB supplement. On one side and looking rather sort on numbers were the Late Romans, commanded by myself, Kevin Jowlett and Oliver Jowlett. On the other side, commanding the Saxon hoard, was John Maguire and Leroy Simpson. Well all started well for the Romans as they advance forward and made their final dispositions, locked shields and waited for the onset of the eventual Saxon charge. That was the only good move we made after that we lost both our flanking cavalry and started to get overlapped by the massive Saxon battleline.

The Roman battleline

Roman heavy cavalry (painted by Andrew Parr).

The Saxon batteline

Saxon troops move forward (figures painted by Leroy)

The we did however manage to make a few small successful dice rolls but the Saxon numbers and their Hun allies went on to finally breaking our shield wall and hitting us in the rear and killing our General. Next time I think we will use the Army Builder and work out proper lists, which might give the old Romans a better chance. But I guess that will depend on my dice rolling.

The Roman lock shields and wait the Saxon charge.

Roman heavy cavalry charges and defeats the lite Saxon cavalry, only to be defeated by the Saxon foot troops.

"Steady boys"

Battlelines clash

The push begins and slowly grinds down the Roman shield wall.
The last straw - The Roman General and his bodyguard are ridden down by the allied Hun heavy cavalry.


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