Sunday, April 13, 2008

15mm Napoleonics

I know for some gamers out there, me included, no matter the size of the figures you will always want to play with then if there is a game on and then when you do, you often find yourself thinking about buying new figures. Luckily for us, here in Townsville, there is no need to buy the figures as our good friend John has a massive collection for all to stare at and if we are lucky, we get our greasy hands on them and play a little. This is what happened last weekend. I happened to be over at John's looking at his collection and dropped the hint that we should not let these figures go to waste. Two days later the figures were on the table.

Johns' collection includes about 84 battalions of Austrians (majority 24 fig units), 20 battalions of Russians, 30 battalions of French, 6 battalions of Polish, 4 battalions of Saxons and 4 battalions of Baden troops, plus more cavalry then you can poke a stick at and of course numerous batteries of guns. I think after spending two hours setting up and sorting out the units the Austrians/Russians consisted of three corps of Infantry, two heavy cavalry divisions and three brigades of light cavalry. The French, fielding a much reduced force, consisted of two small infantry corps plus the Imperial Guard (Napoleon came on in turn ten), one heavy cavalry corps and two light cavalry brigades.

The game itself was played during one afternoon and carried on for one evening. In all totaling about six hours of gaming. We had no real scenario except it was sometime in 1813 and the French were grossly out numbered and fighting desperately. The rules used were 'Shako' (still waiting for Shako 2 to come out), which made for a quick and smooth game. Unfortunately I played again on the loosing side (French) making my run of losses to four in a row (even when I try bending the rules). Anyway there is always next time.

The figures are a mix of Old Glory, AB and Minifigs.


Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers said...

cracking looking game mate

Vinnie said...

Yep, she was a great game. The Old Guard Cavalry however did not hold up to their name -they were beaten in the first round of combat by a bunch of Austrian Ulans.

Thanks Matty