Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WAB - The Battle Of Zama

The Battle of Zama 202 BC was fought between two of the greatest Generals of their time and ours. The result was to bring an end to 17 years of warfare between the Republic of Rome and Carthage and would change the face of the Mediterranean forever. Our battle was fought over two thousand years latter, in a garage and with a smaller battlefield. But with very different results.

The Carthaginian Army.

1st Corps Carthaginian war elephant (painted by Leroy)

African Spearmen (Old Glory).

Old Glory Spainish (also painted by Leroy)

The game was played last Sunday and which progressed for the majority of the day. The rules played were Warhammer Ancient Battles and we took the Army lists from the Hannibal supplement. A few of the units were different, along with a couple of extra elephants and less Romans. But Leroy can only paint so many figures at one time. Figures of which I think he painted about 90% of the figures you can see on the table. Thanks to Leroy and the others for selling the figures too John, I don't we could of played the game without them.The terrain used was just some marine carpet picked up from Bunnings for $29 per meter and spayed a lighter shade of tan.

The Republican Roman Army

Old Glory Numidian light horse (painted by Scott Robertson).

Sides were played by John, Jeff and Clarky (up from Brisbane) with the Carthaginians. and myself and John Williams with the Republican Romans. Fortunately for us Clarky was in control of the elephants and after a couple of rounds of combat a number of these beasts broke back towards the Carthaginian lines and doing so forced those troops back. The elephants I think saved the Romans from total destruction but probably not from losing the day. Our cavalry turned up losing the battles on the flanks, which in turn allowed the Carthaginians to overlap, like the horns of a bull (as Clarky put it). However I think if we played the game to the end the Romans would of been forced from the field. Anyway enjoy the pictures. I will also have to mention a little about Jeff's effort with the dice. After about ten turns of play and Jeff having to roll the 'warband role' for his ten nine units, he did not roll one once the whole time. Out of 90 rolls not a single one was a great effort. I can never win against these guys.

Looking towards the Roman lines.

Looking towards the Carthaginian lines

Roman and Carthaginain cavalry clash.

Ten Carthaginian elephants charge towards and into the Roman lines.

Celtic Warband charges into a Roman wall of spears.


Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers said...

mate that is bloody supurb, can you get leroy to do some more closeups of the sheilds on his cav, they look bloody brilliant.


Vinnie said...

Sure can Matty. But I think there may be a picture of them in one of the other games we played, on this blog.


Troy said...

That is extremely awesome! You guys must have a lot of spare time on your hands. Look at all that detail... that must have taken a long time. Great work! I wish i could paint that well! keep it up and have fun.