Sunday, March 9, 2008

Elite Miniatures French Napoleonics

The images before you are from my latest painting project. I have decided to try and paint, over the next couple of years, an Italian Division for the 1809 Italian campaign. For some reason I like painting white, but so far I have only finished two battalions of the 1st Italian Line Regiment. I am still waiting on the flags from GMB, which I hope will arrive soon, however I could not wait to put the pictures up on the blog. The figures are from the Elite Miniatures range and are the French 1805-14 listing.

Figure codes from left to right - F36 Line drummer, F34 Line Officer, F37 Line Eagle Bearer, F35 Fusilier March Attack.

F35 Fusilier and F45A Grenadier March Attack Bearskin.


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