Sunday, March 9, 2008

Elite Miniatures Early Napoleonic Prussians 1801-1806

This range is one of Peter Morbey's oldest ranges, however over the last couple of years he has introduced a few new figures to the range. So far I have only gotten Leroy to paint up one battalion, for display. The figures are Prussian Musketeers in March Attack, which are one of the newer figure codes. They are a great figure, paint up well and are modeled in the fine Peter Morbey style, which makes his figures stand out from other ranges. The figures stand roughly 29mm in height making it a little larger then most but are a must for those wargamers you are keen to play the earlier campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars.

Prussian Musketeers - March Attack.

Musketeer Officer on foot and mounted.

Musketeer Drummer and Standard Bearer (pictured behind the drummer).

Rear view of the Musketeers marching order.


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very nice mate, must put them on my ever growing shopping list.