Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tin Soldier Sycthians - Archers & Javelinmen

The figures shown are almost the last of my Scythian Army to be painted. Only two more mounted archers and one noble cavalry unit to be painted and the army will be complete. Anyway the first figures shown are the SCY12 & 13, archer shooting and drawing. Tin Soldier only have two poses for these guys, however if you notice there are two head variations for them. Making a total of four figures. You can also make a few conversions if you wish to give your unit a better look, but if you are like me, then you are just happy to have them painted and on the table for the next game.

The second unit shown are SCY14, which is the Javelinman figure. There is only one pose for this figure, but two head variations for them. One with the soft hat and the other armoured. Again all figures are painted by Leroy Simpson and from him, the figures paint up very easily and do not have too many folds or detail to paint on or over.


Samrryereb said...

Vinnie, this one is not the topic, but I wanted to ask something of you. I thoroughly enjoy the blog, most inspiring is the models and the games you guys play down under. I want to do a blog as well, probably more horse and musket but anythings's possible. I would like to have a photo as a tag to the blog. Your friend Leroy Simpson made a gorgeous model of a samurai castle which I would love to use as the tag photo since my screename and email name has often contained samrrye or samrryereb since samurai is usually taken in email. I am wondering how to get permission for this from you and Leroy, currently I don't know how to contact you other than "comments". I would like to give Leroy Simpson full credit for the model and his photo as well as your blog. In return I am more than happy to post some of your news item in Yahoo groups and other wargame venues I belong to.
There are some great wargame blogs now established and other fledglings that could use news of other blogs and links as well. Well, that's it. No hidden agenda here. Just another somewhat lonely gamer of thirty years. I really like the second shot which is the tower mostly. I have the Osaka and other public domain pictures but this castle looks like the Shogun actually lives there. Cheers and thanks. Maynard Creel Chantilly VA Stonewall Jackson country USA. Oh yeah, almost forgot

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the great comments and stoked that you liked the sight.I have sent you an email with some photos attached, hope they are the right ones.

Cheers Vinnie