Monday, February 25, 2008

Roman Marching Fort

Last weekend I for some unknown reason got the urge to make a Roman Marching Fort. I was not going to make the full fort but one that you can put behind your army or on the side of the table for added effect. I have seen so many other such forts and camps on numerous tabletops but none on gaming tables, here in Townsville.

The fort I made, I know is not historically correct, but was only to be very simple, plus I guess it seems like a little to much hard work for something I was going to make in a weekend. I also did not want to put in the ditch to the front and sides either as I am going to use it for the wars involving Alexanders Successors and I was not sure on the detail required for their construction.

The material I used were items I found lying around the house, styrofoam for the walls, dowel for the battlements, static grass and sand from Gameswork, plus a little help from my daughters' pencil sharpener - to sharpen the stakes. Then after a little dry brushing and placing of some extra long dry grass for effects the fort turn out OK. Anyway I was pretty proud of my little job and maybe you will see it in use sometime this year.




Scott Robertson said...

Looks great mate, it will be great for your Macedonian Successor army especially when the new supplement finally makes it out. Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

Cheers Scott,
The layout is a bit lop sided but will be OK for games, as long as I don't play against to many train spotters.

Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers said...

train spotter matt here, it looks mighty fine to me mate!