Monday, February 4, 2008

More photos from the Leipzig battle

Front Rank Austrian artillery battery and crew (painted by Leroy)

Wargames Foundry French light foot gun and crew (painted by Brett).

Elite Miniatures Austrian Hussars.

The French Reserve cavalry attack the Allied center. This attack halt the Allied advance for at least four turns.

Russian columns advance past the Meusdorf Farm and onto the village of Probstheyda.

Elite Miniatures Carabiniers (painted by Leroy) lead Front Rank Carabiniers.

Imperial Guard Chasseurs A 'Chavel (painted by Andrew Parr) charge a Prussian square.

Russian Cruirassiers and Dragoon move in on the French flank.

The Austrian 1st Column moves past the town of Dolitz for the final push.

The Russian Imperial Guard marches onto the battlefield in perfect formation (figures from Johns' collection).

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