Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day Three - The Battle for Dolitz & Probstheyda - Leipzig 1813

Day Three saw us playing a massive Napoleonic game - The Battle for Dolitz & Probstheyda. This battle was from the southern sector of the Leipzig battlefield and covered the Allied attacks made by the first and second columns. We loosely based this scenario from the General de Brigade scenarios booklet No. 2. The only differenances being that our board being a little to small to cover the whole front, we allow two flank marches for the Allied columns and finally we released the Russian Guard, which the Czar had not allowed in the actual battle.

The 1st Column

Elite Miniatures Austrians.

Wargames Foundry Austrains.

Our game kicked off with the attack of the first column on the town of Dolitz, which was taken with little to no opposition. Barclay's second column then move forward to occupy the Meusdorf Farm, after which they were ordered to assualt the village of Probstheyda. This part of the battle would see most of the action, with repeated attacks by the Second column and latter by a flank attack made by the Prussians. On the other parts of our battlefield little to no action was seen until the last three turns. However the French commanders (Andrew, Terry and Leroy) did put in a very large cavalry charge into the centre. Which in turn halted our forward movement for a number of turns. But in the end the Allied superiority in numbers overwhelmed the French, even after Andrew slipped on on two more Brigades of infantry and also with the presence of Napoleon and this Guard, they could not hold and the Southern front collapsed.

The 2nd Column

All Wargames Foudry figures (the above Prussians were painted by Dragon Studios in Hong Kong).

The game was played on a 10 x 5 ft table and all figures were from John's ever increasing Napoleonic collection. The majority of the figures have been painted professionally by local and international painters.

The French

Elite Miniatures French Cavalry.

The Heavy French Cavalry Division (5 x Regt of Cuirassiers and 2 x Regt Carabiniers).

The French reserve Brigades.

More photos to come, I will place them up tomorrow.

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