Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Four Games in Four Days

Four games in four days was a marathon all of it's own. Long days playing, late night talking and having the odd beverage and of course early rises for the next day of gaming. That was how eight lonely gamers spent the Australia Day long weekend. I would like to thank Andrew Parr, who organised the weekend and straightened out a few of the rules for us, John for providing the venue - the wine - the beer - the meals and the majority of the figures used, Leroy, Brett, Peter, Tony, Terry and Julian for participating in the games and providing some of the figures.

Friday night - Samurai game (Perry Miniatures Vs Dixon)

Saturday - 1066 The Battle of Hastings

The games played were: Friday night - Samurai, Saturday - The Battle of Hastings, Sunday - The Battle for Dolitz & Probstheyda (Leipzig 1813) and Monday - Flames of War. My intention is to place a number of posts up on each individual gaming day for you all to have a look at as there were some great photos taken through out the weekend. I will place them up in the following few day.

Sunday - The Battle Dolitz & Probstheyda 1813

Monday - Flames of War

And the late nights

All the best and enjoy.


Andrew Parr said...

Thank You nathan, especially for my photo...

Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers said...

jealous very jealous