Saturday, January 19, 2008

Flames of War at Brians' House

Another game of Flames Of War played this time at Brian Buskels' house. We use the same terrain as the last game in Sicily, however this time Brian has added to his terrain by making yet another great little hill top town. Only built in a week (still on holidays) the village sets the table up nicely for anyone keen on playing in either Sicily, Italy or maybe southern France?

The latest edition to Brian's excellent terrain - front and rear views.

We played a 2000pts game - Brian's force were based on a British Air landing Company and some Army support and mine forces were based on Panzer grenadiers and a company of tanks. My mission was to capture the town that Brian had just finished making - which was not an easy task. I first tried to flank the first small town by doing a flank attack to the left of his position. But my tanks and armoured infantry ran into a ambush - I lost three MarkIV's and half a platoon of infantry.

My flank attack goes in.

But an ambush awaits and stops the attack dead in it's tracks.

I then changed my assault to that of going straight through the middle, hoping to break his centre and then roll up his isolated troops. I manage to take the first village without to much trouble, however the major town proved to much for my infantry, who were shot down in scores on the final assault. With no real infantry support my tanks would be unless in attacking the town. I therefore seeded the game to Brian. Fearless Veterans, dug in are a hard nut to break. Next time.

Change of plan I attack the central village.

And take it with ease.

But even with close tank support my assault on the main town grins to a stop.
Fearless Veterans stand fast against repeated German assaults.

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Scott said...

Good looking scrap and nice buildings, well done