Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Two - The Battle Of Hastings - 1066

On the second day of wargaming, we put together our armies and re-fought the Battle of Hastings. This battle does not need to be explained as almost everybody knows how the battle was fought and won and how that one battle sent waves of change throughout Britian and Europe. Well our battle was not fought on lush green grass with a plesent sun shining on our backs, but back in John's garage with fans blowing, airconditioning bellowing and the smell of six wargamers locked in a small room during a hot mid summers day.

The Saxon Army of King Harold

The battle and game I think was in my opinion the highlight for the weekend. Fantastic painted figures from Leroys' and John collections. A superb hill also made by Leroy and a good fair game played by all those involved. Our battle was actually played out verymuch in the same manner as the actual battle, in 1066. First both sides let out volley after volley of arrow, sling and javilin fire. Then the Norman foot advanced up the hill and into the Saxon shield wall.

The Norman Army of Duke William of Normandy

After a couple of turns one of the Norman units broke and retired back, causing a Saxon unit to follow up their victory - but in doing so they broke the shieldwall, just what the Normans wanted. However by the next turn the Norman cavalry charged up the hill, breaking unit after unit as they went. Last to fall was King Harold and his bodyguard.

The Norman infantry advance under a withering fire from Saxon archers

After a hard climb up the steep slope the Norman infantry finally make contact with the Saxon shield wall.

Rules played were WAB - Shieldwall supplement. Figures came from Leroy Simpson and John Maguires' collection. The majority of the Norman figures are Crussader Miniatures with a small mix of Foundry and Old Glory. Saxon figures are mainly Blacktree Design plus two units of Gripping Breast and a small number of West Wind Saxons.
The Norman cavalry charges forward in support of the infantry.

The winners

Brae - who saved the whole Norman Army with his great run of high dice rolling.

John and Myself - the victors.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see smiling gamers at the end of a battle.
Six gamers one small room glad i don't have smelly vesion.

Vinnie said...

That day was not too bad, it was the third day which really got into your nose. To many red wines and good steak the night before.

El Repartidor said...

Great!!!!!! We are playing in our local club, one time in a year more or less, a big battle, with WAB rules. Here, you can see pictures of the last battle we played in september, Qadesh.
I am looking for the army lists for hastings, its possible a copy of your army lists?