Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day One - Samurai - WAB

The first game we played, over the Australia Day weekend, was Samurai vs Samurai. It was not based on any particular battle, we just wanted to get Leroy's Perry Samurai Army and Andrew's Dixon Samurai Army on the table for the first time. The rules were WAB and the armies were draw from that rule system. However figures were from a later period and a few weapons and armour types had to be change to suit the period.

Some of Andrew Parr's Dixon Samurai Army

Some of the photos have not turned out that well as we played under my house and the lighting was not to good. One thing we learnt during this game was that Ashigaru do not stand up to Samurai. In order to win you will have to double your Ashigaru units so that you can at least get a change to fight back or just withdraw facing the attacker. But other then that the game was good. It was the first time any of us had played using Samurai and can be quite fun. Now we are all just waiting for 'Divine Winds' to be released so that we can play the later periods properly.

Leroy Simpson's' Army

Dixon Miniatures Vs Perry Miniatures (Dixon won)

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