Monday, January 21, 2008

Castaway Arts - Ansar (Sudan)

Pictured are the next unit of Mahadists I have just finished painting. The figures are again from Castaway Arts and are designed by Gerry Web. The range has 16 different Ansar figures to choose from, however I have only painted those figures with sword and spear. The figures are very nice and are easy to paint, but I don't think my painting does them justice. If you are keen to start this period then I think these figures are a ideal to begin your army with. They will fit in well with Old Glory, but not sure about Perry. Leroy Simpson painted the flag for me, which I think brings them up just a little better.


Figures M36 (charging) and M24 (standard bearer).

The rear view.

Figures M27 (leader or standard bearer) and M29 (Standing).

Figures M35 (charging), M26 (leader) and M32 (charging).

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