Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Two - The Battle Of Hastings - 1066

On the second day of wargaming, we put together our armies and re-fought the Battle of Hastings. This battle does not need to be explained as almost everybody knows how the battle was fought and won and how that one battle sent waves of change throughout Britian and Europe. Well our battle was not fought on lush green grass with a plesent sun shining on our backs, but back in John's garage with fans blowing, airconditioning bellowing and the smell of six wargamers locked in a small room during a hot mid summers day.

The Saxon Army of King Harold

The battle and game I think was in my opinion the highlight for the weekend. Fantastic painted figures from Leroys' and John collections. A superb hill also made by Leroy and a good fair game played by all those involved. Our battle was actually played out verymuch in the same manner as the actual battle, in 1066. First both sides let out volley after volley of arrow, sling and javilin fire. Then the Norman foot advanced up the hill and into the Saxon shield wall.

The Norman Army of Duke William of Normandy

After a couple of turns one of the Norman units broke and retired back, causing a Saxon unit to follow up their victory - but in doing so they broke the shieldwall, just what the Normans wanted. However by the next turn the Norman cavalry charged up the hill, breaking unit after unit as they went. Last to fall was King Harold and his bodyguard.

The Norman infantry advance under a withering fire from Saxon archers

After a hard climb up the steep slope the Norman infantry finally make contact with the Saxon shield wall.

Rules played were WAB - Shieldwall supplement. Figures came from Leroy Simpson and John Maguires' collection. The majority of the Norman figures are Crussader Miniatures with a small mix of Foundry and Old Glory. Saxon figures are mainly Blacktree Design plus two units of Gripping Breast and a small number of West Wind Saxons.
The Norman cavalry charges forward in support of the infantry.

The winners

Brae - who saved the whole Norman Army with his great run of high dice rolling.

John and Myself - the victors.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day One - Samurai - WAB

The first game we played, over the Australia Day weekend, was Samurai vs Samurai. It was not based on any particular battle, we just wanted to get Leroy's Perry Samurai Army and Andrew's Dixon Samurai Army on the table for the first time. The rules were WAB and the armies were draw from that rule system. However figures were from a later period and a few weapons and armour types had to be change to suit the period.

Some of Andrew Parr's Dixon Samurai Army

Some of the photos have not turned out that well as we played under my house and the lighting was not to good. One thing we learnt during this game was that Ashigaru do not stand up to Samurai. In order to win you will have to double your Ashigaru units so that you can at least get a change to fight back or just withdraw facing the attacker. But other then that the game was good. It was the first time any of us had played using Samurai and can be quite fun. Now we are all just waiting for 'Divine Winds' to be released so that we can play the later periods properly.

Leroy Simpson's' Army

Dixon Miniatures Vs Perry Miniatures (Dixon won)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Four Games in Four Days

Four games in four days was a marathon all of it's own. Long days playing, late night talking and having the odd beverage and of course early rises for the next day of gaming. That was how eight lonely gamers spent the Australia Day long weekend. I would like to thank Andrew Parr, who organised the weekend and straightened out a few of the rules for us, John for providing the venue - the wine - the beer - the meals and the majority of the figures used, Leroy, Brett, Peter, Tony, Terry and Julian for participating in the games and providing some of the figures.

Friday night - Samurai game (Perry Miniatures Vs Dixon)

Saturday - 1066 The Battle of Hastings

The games played were: Friday night - Samurai, Saturday - The Battle of Hastings, Sunday - The Battle for Dolitz & Probstheyda (Leipzig 1813) and Monday - Flames of War. My intention is to place a number of posts up on each individual gaming day for you all to have a look at as there were some great photos taken through out the weekend. I will place them up in the following few day.

Sunday - The Battle Dolitz & Probstheyda 1813

Monday - Flames of War

And the late nights

All the best and enjoy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Castaway Arts - Ansar (Sudan)

Pictured are the next unit of Mahadists I have just finished painting. The figures are again from Castaway Arts and are designed by Gerry Web. The range has 16 different Ansar figures to choose from, however I have only painted those figures with sword and spear. The figures are very nice and are easy to paint, but I don't think my painting does them justice. If you are keen to start this period then I think these figures are a ideal to begin your army with. They will fit in well with Old Glory, but not sure about Perry. Leroy Simpson painted the flag for me, which I think brings them up just a little better.


Figures M36 (charging) and M24 (standard bearer).

The rear view.

Figures M27 (leader or standard bearer) and M29 (Standing).

Figures M35 (charging), M26 (leader) and M32 (charging).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lord of the Rings by Brae Vinson (My Nephew)

Recently my nephew Brae Vinson visited for the Christmas school holidays. During the time of his stay Brae was mad keen to paint up his Lord of the Rings figures. I gave him a few tips on how to paint and how to base the figures. Brae, being a quick learner and a bight lad, painted the figures and based them all by himself. The photos I have posted are his finished products. Not too bad for a ten year old.

Flames of War at Brians' House

Another game of Flames Of War played this time at Brian Buskels' house. We use the same terrain as the last game in Sicily, however this time Brian has added to his terrain by making yet another great little hill top town. Only built in a week (still on holidays) the village sets the table up nicely for anyone keen on playing in either Sicily, Italy or maybe southern France?

The latest edition to Brian's excellent terrain - front and rear views.

We played a 2000pts game - Brian's force were based on a British Air landing Company and some Army support and mine forces were based on Panzer grenadiers and a company of tanks. My mission was to capture the town that Brian had just finished making - which was not an easy task. I first tried to flank the first small town by doing a flank attack to the left of his position. But my tanks and armoured infantry ran into a ambush - I lost three MarkIV's and half a platoon of infantry.

My flank attack goes in.

But an ambush awaits and stops the attack dead in it's tracks.

I then changed my assault to that of going straight through the middle, hoping to break his centre and then roll up his isolated troops. I manage to take the first village without to much trouble, however the major town proved to much for my infantry, who were shot down in scores on the final assault. With no real infantry support my tanks would be unless in attacking the town. I therefore seeded the game to Brian. Fearless Veterans, dug in are a hard nut to break. Next time.

Change of plan I attack the central village.

And take it with ease.

But even with close tank support my assault on the main town grins to a stop.
Fearless Veterans stand fast against repeated German assaults.