Saturday, December 1, 2007

Warhammer - Fall of the West

Three weeks ago Jeff Smith and myself played a small Warhammer Ancients game. I think we only had about 2500 pts each. This was mainly made up of infantry and only one cavalry unit each. The scenario was roughly based on one Rebel Army and one Imperial Army both fighting for the domination of Rome, during one if many civil wars which plagued the late Imperial Roman world at that time.

Old Glory hold the front line and Gripping Beast my second line

My figures have been painted by myself, Andrew Parr and Leroy Simpson. Still a little more work to do and a few more figures to paint,. Mainly heavy and light cavalry, but I get there one day. Figures are either Old Glory or Gripping Beast.

The next three shots are from John's collection. Foundry figures above and Blacktree Design below.

The figures Jeff was using come from John Maguires ever increasing collection. I'm not sure who the painter is, but the figures are a mixed of Blacktree Design and Foundry.

Gripping Beast heavy bolter and grew.

GB shield wall hits the flank of Foundry Late romans.

The last stand
And as usual I got my arse whipped again. This losing streak just keeps going.

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