Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sicily 1943 - Flames of War

Wednesday morning myself and Brian Buskel played a small 2000 point game of Flames of War. The scenario was that I (the Germans) was defending a small village and Brian (the Americans) was to assault and secure the town. Like most of our FOW games it only last for no more then 2-3 hours. Easily played in a morning or evening and keeps the wives off our backs, because we are coming home earlier rather then later.

The two fantastic buildings Brian spent half his holidays building.

This was also the first time we had used aircraft in a game, as part of the attacking force. Unfortunately Brian was only able to bring them on three times and on one occasion my AA fire forced him away. Brian had also made some great terrain for Sicily/Italy. The center piece of the table was one such piece and the other was a small farm.

Three of my StuG's wait in ambush. (all painted by Brian)

The game itself played well (I actually won this game, ending my long streak of loses). Brian was unable to force any real break in my line and when you play Fearless Veteran against Fearless Veteran the game becomes a slogging match and a race to see who can dig in first. In the end I only lost two stands and Brian lost all of his attacking platoons. Sorry Brian, I'm sure you will get me back soon.

The final assault - all died.

Anyway hope you like the pictures.

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