Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flames of War - East Front

This is another of the games myself and Brian Buskell played, during the last month. We picked a scenario from the Flames of War rule book, put two armies together and then played to our hearts content.

My panzer's move across Russian wheat fields.

Brian's army was based on a re-enforced infantry company, with a battery of artillery (eight guns) and two platoons of T34 and KV1's. Brian has done a great job on this army they are all very nicely painted and based, plus he has thrown in a few red flags for the infantry, which has given the army a very nice touch.

Brian's dreaded artillery battery of eight guns (it was these guys which literally smashed my attack single handily)

My army, as usual, was Fallschirmjager consisting of three platoons of infantry, mortar and heavy machine gun platoons and finally a platoon of MarkIV's. However no artillery - bad move on my behalf - never do that again, especially fighting the Russians.

Russian Command stand

After two hours of setting up and playing I still had not taken or even contended one of the objectives. My tanks and half of my infantry was destroyed by his artillery and the remainder wiped out by his infantry and tanks. However the game was enjoyable, I learnt some valuable lessons and I am yet to win a game - next time Brian.

Then came the KV1's

MarkIV's move in for the kill with some infantry support

However another Russian tank platoon was waiting.

Another look at that 'damn' Russian battery.


Jules said...


Where are you guys in Townsville? I am posted up there in early Jan and would be keen to get back into wargaming


Vinnie said...

Yes mate we are all in Townsville and as you can see from th eblog we play a lot of games and all periods. If you are keen for a game drop me an email on and we can see what we can get running. Are you interested in any particular period?