Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fighting in Bocage - Normandy June 44

The images on this post are from the huge Flame of War game we played on Saturday. The boys involved were Jeff Smith, Brian Buskel and Terry Moran playing the Allies. John Williams and Myself playing the Germans. Our scenario was that the Germans (2000pts) primary mission was to holed the crossroads with an implied task of stopping the American Para's 4000pts (played by Terry and Brian) meeting up with the American ground forces 2000pts(Jeff).

The American Airborne Recce Platoon pushes to far forward and gets ambushed by Panzer Grenadiers.

The game took a little while to set up, as you can imagine with all the hedgerows but once set up the game flowed fast for the next three hours. It was not and easy mission for the Germans but we managed to hold the centre for at least seven turns before our troops started to take some very heavy hits and break under pressure.

German Rocket Launcher Battery sets up in support (figures painted by John Williams)

Panzer Grenadiers head off to block the Allied ground forces moving up from the beach head.

The American advance begins in earnest (figures are from Terry's collection).

American air assault makes an attack on the rocket battery.

German 88's attempt to break up the Allied air attacks.

MarkIV's and another Panzer Grenadier platoon move forward into position.

Phase two of the Allied attack - another Airborne coy moves across the Line of Departure. (Figures from Brian's collection) - The buildings in the background are from Battlelines Scenics on the Sunshine Coast, which is owned by Kevin Jowett and can be found at -

The only German re-enforcements 3 x StuGs Assault Gun Platoon.

The Allied ground forces move up from the beach head. It was these guys who broke the back of the German forces. (Figures from Jeff's collection)

The Germans remained strong around the Crossroads, but when other platoons broke the Company had to take a moral test and failed - ending the game.


CJ said...

Bieautiful table and cool game thank you for sharing!

CJ said...

Bieautiful table and cool game thank you for sharing!