Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bocage Terrain Table

Brian Buskel over the last three months has made and put together some great Bocage for Normandy 1944. He got the idea from one of the latest Flames of war supplements, which focused on the Normandy battles. He has constructed enough to cover almost 8ft x 6ft table and as you can see from the photos he has done an excellent job. It's terrain like this which make wargaming ever more enjoyable.

The photos shown are of the table set up for our last game. All buildings are from John Maguires collection. Fields are from a door mat I picked up from Bunnings Hardware and cut up to make fields, which are ideal for 15/20mm figures. It was an idea I burrowed from Scott Robertson, when we used to play 20mm WW2. My other posts will show the game we played 6000pts for the Allies and 2000pts for the Germans.

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