Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Battle of Vimiero - 1808

Napoleonics the game I will always go back too. The greatest battles, uniforms and colourful generals the world has ever seen in such a short period of time or at least during the horse and musket period. Well that's my thoughts. Anyway last weekend the boys from the Townsville area - John Maguire, Terry Moran, Leroy Simpson, Peter Hall, Jeff Smith and Myself played the Battle of Vimiero from the Fields of Glory scenario booklet for the Shako rule set. However again, as we have done in all the games this year, we added more bases to the battalions, which brought the number of bases from four to six.

French converged grenadiers charge forward to break the British line.

The Battle Vimiero was one of Wellesleys earliest battles in the Peninsular. Wellesley had just landed a number of weeks earlier and had already fought one small battle against a small French force and was now about to fight another.

The village of Vimiero is about to fall.

Elite Miniatures British 9pdr battery fires on the advancing french columns.

Junot, the French commander in Portugal was left with no other choice but to fight the English before more British troops landed at Porto Nova. He was out numbered but was confident that he would be able to defeat this new English General.

The defence of Ventosa begins.

Elite Miniatures Chasseurs charge into battle.

Wellesleys position was strong. Their forces were placed across the high ground covering the french assault. Anyway that was how history went but alas for me, the battle took a different course.

A french column advances.

The French start to role up the English flank.

John leading with his converged grenadiers was able to push my troops from the high ground, in front of Vimiero, and then without pause pushed two of my battalions out of Vimiero, incredible feat. Then another of my Brigades broke on that side as well, which fell to a combined cavalry and infantry charge.

More French Cavalry move up to support the final french atrtack.

1st Corps English Battalions atempt to form up and repulse the French

It was then a mater of time before John rolled up my flank. But I was graced with one victory, at least. Leroy, who was commanding the right of my line was able to defeat two assaults on his position at the village of Ventosa. however this was our only win for the day and Leroy's units were then required to cover our retreat. Thus the French were still in control of Portugal.

Attacked from the front, artillery on their flanks and cavalry menecing close by, this British battalion had little hope.

All the figure used were from John's, Leroy's and Terry's collections and are a good mix of Elite Miniatures, Front Rank, Foundry, 1st Corps and Old Glory miniatures. The photo's were taken by Leroy.

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