Monday, October 22, 2007

Tin Soldier - Scythian Noble Cavalry

Pictured are my first unit of Scythian Noble Cavalry, this unit now brings my army to four small units (1 x Noble Cav and 3 x horse archers). They have been painted by Leroy Simpson, here in Townsville, of which he has done a great job and have been based for Warhammer Ancients.

One of the great features of this range is the classical image of Scythian warriors with back shields and flowing armour across the back of their horses.

The four variants of Noble cavalry produced by Tin Soldier. The figure second from the right has two head variants.

The Tin Soldier range has four different codes of noble cavalry and one which has two different head variants. However the range only has one code for the half armoured horse and only three codes for horse in the entire range. But this in turn makes a total of five different figures in a variety of poses and when painted and attached with either a spear or bow, plus a great selection of different shields, you can make your units look fantastic.


Scott Robertson said...

Remember I have first dibs on your Macedonians and Scythians if you ever want to sell them! They are looking great by the way, have you started the arabs for our demo next Easter? Talk soon, Scott

Vinnie said...

Sure Scott, but if you die first I have got your figures OK. Have not started the figures yet that is the project for the New Year, as I have still got a few figures for Carlo and a guy in Brisbane to paint. But will have them completed for the game at Easter.

All the best


Scott Robertson said...

Some guy in Brisbane, what are painting for me that you haven't told me (is it a suprise)? Have you moved into the new house yet? Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

Sorry Scott - not for you. We move into new house next week.