Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Small Battle in Spain -1808

This game played was between myself and John Williams. John, like me, has been slowly building up a Napoleonic Army. However instead of Spanish, John has been building up a mix of Imperial Guard troops and Line Regiments.

My Front Rank Spanish - waiting for the French to advance.

Johns' Imperial Guard advance. First a battalion from the Middle Guard then the Dutch battalion and finally Grenadiers of the Old Guard. All were painted by John.
The battle we played was the first time we had both gotten all our troops on the table top and seeing that John had a lot of Guard troops I thought it appropriate to place our small battle in the year of 1808 and when the Emperor of France, himself, was in Spain.

Close up of Johns' Middle Guard - All of Johns' figures are from Elite Miniatures.

French lancers Vs Spanish Lancers (in this encounter the French came off second best).

The battle was small. Our forces consisted of my small Spanish Division - 13 Battalions of Infantry, 3 Cavalry Regiments and two batteries of foot guns and John 12 battalions of Guard and Line Regiments, 7 Cavalry regiments (again a mix of Guard and Line) and finally 2 Batteries of artillery (one horse and one foot).

Converted Grenadiers a Cheval to the Empress Dragoons. John cut the heads off the former and replaced them with Dragoons of the Line heads. The figures came up great.

A battalion of Elite Miniatures Legere - painted by Leroy Simpson.

The scenario was plain and simple. My Spanish were to try and hold the village from the French and stop them from taking the road to Somosierrra. Well my boys held out very well for a number of turns and only broke after John had run my cavalry from the field and his cavalry had gotten around to my rear, cutting off my line of retreat. Thus with the Division taking 50% causalities and after ten turns, plus being cut off I had to surrender.

Spanish Grenadiers hold a town section against a renewed French attack.

One of the French Guard cavalry attacks which would soon see my beloved Spanish defeated.


Andrew Parr said...

I love your blog, is it legal for gamers to Marry?

Vinnie said...

Well - I hear in the gaming world anything is possible?


FOFEBA said...

You guys need some serious help. Hey Andrew are you still licking your wounds after that thrashing at MOAD. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN! Eddie.