Thursday, October 4, 2007

MOAB - 2007

MOAB ( which stands for 'Mother Of All Battles) is one of Australia's premier wargaming conventions. The convention is held every year over the October long weekend (29 Sep - 01 Oct) at the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club, Sydney. Organized by Kym Pennal and other members from the Southern Battle Gamers they do a great job to get such a big event up and running.

This year saw a large numbers of competitors (40 odd players for Flames of War) playing Flames of War, 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, DBM, DBA, Armani, Bloodbowl WRG and I'm sure a few others I forgot.

Ray from Essex Miniaturs Australia

Visitors looked to be in great numbers as well especially when the Bring and Buy store opened. At least a one thousand went through the doors for the three day event. However Trade stands seemed to be down in numbers this year. Those who did attend were from ShadowForge Miniatures, Essex Miniatures, Elite Miniatures Australia, Peter Pig, BattleScape, Kevin Jowetts Battleline Scenics and numerous other small retailers.

Kenny, James and Kevin Jowett from Battleline Scenics

Space not covered by the competitors and traders was filled with some great demo games ranging from 15mm Napoleonic, 20mm WW2, Sudan, 40k, Armani and ACW. In all not a bad weekend as conventions are always good to catch up with old friends, gamers and drinking buddies.

Myself and Andrew Parr on the Elite Miniatures Australia table

Re-match of the Battle of Issus

15mm Shako demo game

40K demo

Sudan Demo game using Swords and the Flame

20mm WW2

I will be putting up a few more pictures of the Demo games soon.

One of the four Flames of War gaming tables

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