Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breakthrough - Flames of War

Having a game at night and during the week is always good when your weekends are taken up with family holidays or work. This Thursday John Maguire put on a small Flames of War game, for myself and Jeff Smith. Again John helped us through the rules (only third time playing) and gave us a few trips for young players.

Fallschirmjager Light Gun Section

A Stug and supporting troops move towards one of the objectives

The scenario he picked was mission 5 - Breakthrough - which is on page 206 of the Flames of War rulebook. It is a great little game designed to get the defender and attacker thinking. The attacker does not have enough strength to cover the entire front and the defender has left gaps big enough for you to send small flanking forces through to help your other attacking troops.

Indian troops advance with close support from three Shermans.

A stand of Indian Infantry. I believe these figures are from the old range and are no longer produced.

The defenders force is too small to hold everywhere so he has to concentrate his defences around vital assets and try to defend them with from attacks coming in from a number of sides. Myself and Jeff played till about 1210am that night with the result of my Germans defeating (only just) his Indian troops. All in all I have really started to enjoy FOW and think it's a great little game to play in a evening.

A Command vehicle from one of the two Sherman platoons.

My one half section was all that remained from the Indian counter attack on to objective two.

The next game we have lined up is an airlanding by Fallschirmjager. John has about twenty gliders and a couple J52's and this time John will be playing and myself and Jeff will try to stop him - the photo's should be great.

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