Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Andrews' Perry Miniatures

Whilst down is Sydney, MOAB, I stayed with my good friend Andrew Parr and after lots of good food and wine I was able to snap a photo's of his Perry Napoleonic collection. The Collection consists of one Dutch Belgium Battalion, one Nassau Battalion, some light infantry, one foot and one horse battery and two units of cavalry for the Allied forces. All the above have been expertly painted by Leroy Simpson.

Belgium Chasseur Battalion

Flank Company for the Chasseur Battalion

Nassau Battalion

Nassau Battalion

Belguim Command stands, the Prince of Orange is at the back

Hussar Officer


Horse Artillery Battery

Foot Battery

The French, which consists of four Line battalions, skirmishers, one battery of guns and a Cuirassier Regiment all of which have been painted by Andrew.

French Line Battalions, painted by Andrew

French Line Battalions

French Cuirassiers

More Cuirassiers

Andrew has based the figures so that they can be used as either units for 'General de Brigade' or the 'Shako' rules sets.

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