Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Castaway Arts - Camel Riders

The big plan for next years 'Brisbane Muster' is to put on a demo Sudan game. Scott Robertson, Myself and a few of his friends will soon be busily painting figures for the game. Scott has a large collection of figures from the Old Glory range, which are very good. I will be putting my army together with figures mainly from Castaway Arts and some from Perry Miniatures.

The figures displayed here are the start of my collection. They are designed by Gerry Webb of Castaway Arts, who has done a fantastic job. There are two basic camel rider figures in the Sudanese/Mahadists range.

MC4 Camel rider in turban
The first is MC4 Camel rider in Turban and the second is MC9 Camel Rider. Both figures retail for $2.74 Aust each and the camels retail at $4.15 Aust each. A little expensive for most but the end result is fantastic. Leroy Simpson has painted these figures for the early Sudan period where they have not yet been issued or required to wear the Jibba.

MC9 Camel rider


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