Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Spanish Napoleonic Collection

For the last three years I have been slowly building up my Spanish Army, for the 1808 period. I have to admit I have probably been a little slack in the painting department, however I have also painted other armies during the same period.

One of the two batteries in my army - the artillery pieces are Elite Miniatures 8pdrs

The army comprises of 8 x battalions of line, 2 x converged battalions of grenadiers, 3 x militia/volunteer battalions in brown, 2 x batteries of guns, 2 x heavy dragoon regiments, 1 x Lancer (Garrochista de Baylen) and six stands of skirmishers.

Garrochista de Baylen (on Elite Miniatures heavy horse)

The army is still not complete as I still plan to paint up two Irish regiments, the Walloon Guard and three regiments of Line dragoons, which will take another year or two. I have based the units for Shako in 16 man battalions, cavalry as eights and artillery batteries in twos. All figures are from the superb Front Rank Miniatures collection, however the Spanish guns are from Elite Miniatures and the heavy horse for the lancers are also Elite Miniatures.

Converged grenadiers from Infanta del ray & De Guadalaxara regiments

One of my skirmish stands - Regiment of Catalonian light infantry

Heavy cavalry brigade - De la Reyna & De Almansa

De Zaragoza Regiment

Sapper from the same regiment (these boys give you a +1 when assaulting buildings and fortifications)


torradas said...

Those are simply beautiful. I´ve been doing 15mm Napoleonic French for quite some time now, but I fell in love with Front Rank´s 28mm. Now, no matter where I look (in my daily blog/news tour, in which lonelygamers is included), I find Front Ranks 28mm minis looking back at me. I can´t wait to lay my brushes on some of Front Rank´s 28mm goodness. :)

Top notch Spanish throughout.

Vinnie said...

Thanks Torradas
I find Front Rank one of the best and easiest figures to paint and when commpleated they look great. Thanks for the positive feedback I have just ordered from Front Rank two more battalions which I hope to paint up as one of the Irish Regiments. As soon as they are finished I will place them up.

Thanks again


Chamberí-JaiAlai said...

perfect and detailed

Chamberí-JaiAlai said...

perfect and detailed