Friday, August 31, 2007

Flames of War - The Stone Wall (Band of Brothers)

During the last two months I have been trying out or rather been taught, Flames of War, by John Maguire. Both times I have been beaten, but only through some bad/poor dice rolling on my behalf (that's my excuse). However after a long time away from playing WW2 Flames of War has given it another lease of life. Great figures and vehicles easy flowing and the rules are very enjoyable to play.

One of John's beautifully painted American Airborne stands (hard to believe they are 15mm)

Anyway last nights' game was taken from 'Wargames Soldier & Strategy' (issue 6). The scenario we picked was number three from the 'Band of Brothers' article which is a re-play of 'The Stone Wall' battle on the 13 June 1944. Easy Company had just taken Carentan the day before and were now about to start another attack that morning. However unbeknown to them the Germans, elements from the 6th Fallschrimjager Regiment, had the same idea and attack first.

American Airborne mortar team in action

Our out come was very much the same. Fighting American paras, dug in and behind stone walls proved to much for my boys and I lost most of my company fighting across the fields.

Easy Company in prepared positions

John changed a few things on the orders of battle but both sides had much the same as from the scenario. Easy Company comprised of 1 x company HQ, 3 x infantry platoons (including platoon MMGs), 3 x MMGs, 3 x 60mm mortars and for reinforcements 5 x Sherman's M4 (75mm).

2 x Fallshrimjager platoons make the first attack (supported by the Panzer IV's & the Tiger)

The Germans forces attacking were made up of 1 x company HQ, 3 x infantry platoons, 3 x MMGs, 3 x 81mm mortars, 3 x Panzer IV, 2 x Stugs and 1 x Tiger.

Stugs offer limited fire support for the attacking platoons

The attack goes into the American positions, but after bloody hand to hand fighting all three Panzer IV's were destroyed and so were the two platoons.
All figures are from Battlefront and are from Johns' great collection, however I am now the proud owner of the Fallshrimjager units.

Sherman's come to the rescue

Tank Hunters hide in the undergrowth

Bazooka vs Tiger - Bazooka team lost


Scott Robertson said...

Come now Nathan what's next after 15mm, dare I say it a return to the days when we used 6mm? I think a real man would only use 20mm for WWII. Love the Spanish by the way, see you at MOAB. Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

Well I still have got some old 6mm of Steve Skinners' somewhere and I haae to admit I have pulled em out a few times to have a look. But true 20mm was great to play, however the man with the collection moved and I had to play with other figures. Glad you liked the Spanish more on the way.

Cheers Vinnie