Monday, July 9, 2007

Tin Soldier's Scythians

Over the past two years I have been slowly buying more and more Scythians, from the Tin Soldier range, which have been supplied to me from Ray at Essex Miniatures Australia. I find these figures as some of the best Scythians on the market and they are one of the best ranges that Tin Soldier produces. The range has nine codes for the noble and light warriors, plus some codes have as many as three different head variants - great for making up some nice looking units. The figures are very well sculptured, the detail is great and they have little too no flash.

The figures shown are the first of my collection which I have commissioned Leroy Simpson to paint, because like most wargamers I have more unpainted then I could possibly paint and also Leroy does a great job - a lot better then me.

As Leroy finishes more figures I will endeavour to place his fine work up on this blog.

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