Sunday, July 29, 2007

Attack on the Shevardio Redoubt - 1812

Russian forces stand firm in the defence of Shevardino village.

This small battle was fought two days before the great battle of Borodino. The battle took place between the French forces of Davouts 1st Corps, plus supports elements of two cavalry corps and that of the Russian forces under Prince Gorchakov. The Shevardino redoubt lay forward of the main Russian lines at Borodino and needed to be cleared before Napoleon could deploy his forces.

The Shevardino Redoubt (scratch built by me the day before).

The scenario was that used from Book One of the 'Napoleonic Scenarios for General de Brigade'. However we used Shako Advanced rules and also increased the size of our units to that of six bases (24 fig infantry units and 12 fig cavalry units). The reason behind this was to remove bases from play once the units received casualties, instead of having dice behind the units.The two opposing sides were John Maguire and his friend Jeff on the Russian side and the Leroy Simpson, Peter Hall team on the French side.

Elite Miniatures French (from the 1800-1805 range) painted by Leroy.

The French mission was to capture the Shevardio Redoubt by the end of the game and hold it. Russian mission was to hold the redoubt and the small village of Shevardio. However by the end of the game the French after taking a massive pounding from the Russian forces was forced to give up the field. Which was not quite the result in the actual battle.

Elite Miniatures artillery (from the same range above) also painted by Leroy.

All figures used in the game came from John's fantastic collection. They all have been professionally painted by numerous painters, including our own Leroy Simpson. Some of terrain also came from his collection and the rest from Leroy's collection. Anyway I hope you like the photos.

Russian Line Infantry defend the woods, to the west of Shevardino Village.

French troops surge towards the Russian lines.

A Russian battalion prepares to defend Shevardino Village (Wargames Foundry Figures).

The French manage to push them out of one town section, however in the next turn they were to lose it again.

A new French Line regiment moves forward (all Front Rank Miniatures).

Russian Cuirassiers try to break a French infantry square.

The next French wave moves to charge the Russian infantry in the woods.

Another French attack charges a Russian gun battery and wins.

Only to be hit in the flank and destroyed by a counter attacking Russian battalion.

After numerous defeats in other parts of the battlefield the French put one last desperate attack on the redoubt.

The result was predictable. This was the last straw for our French Commanders and they withdrew from the field.


Bert van Hal said...

These Shevardino game pictures, figs and terrain pieces are really a sight to see!!

I recently started a blogspot about wargaming Borodino 1812 myself;

Kind regards,

Bert van Hal
The Netherlands

Vinnie said...

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I was just going through my old post and there you were. I had a good look and read of your blogpage nice work going on there. I'm planning to play the attack on the Great Redoubt in the next couple of months. I will let you know when the pictures are up.

All the best