Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Perry Miniatures - Foot Samurai

Good old Leroy has just finished painting another unit for his quickly growing Samurai Army. These guys are from the Perry Miniatures collection and represent a unit of Foot Samurai armed with spears and have a Sashimono or banner on their backs. The banner can be very handy in WAB as it allows them to re-roll a failed break test. Not sure if this will be the same ruling in the new rules though.

Hope you like the photos.


Andrew Parr said...

Nice work leroy, mine aren't up to that but won't disgrace the table, game in August??
Any word on Divine Wind?
Andrew Parr

leroy said...

G'Day Andrew, thanks for the comment, these took, on and off, 2 weeks to paint. Had a lot of help from the Ueda Museum for research into the Sanada Family as well as Maho for translations! Divine wind, despite being told it would be available this month it now seems it could be next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leroy

These Samurai rock!

Well done :-)

God Bless


Takai said...

REALLY nice miniatures...may know where you can buy these miniatures because i try to found unpainting samurai armies but i cant do thx for your replay^^

Aidan CW said...

I am very new to samurai wargaming and I mean very new so I was wondering what type of rules I should use.

Aidan CW said...

and what type of paints didi you use?