Monday, June 11, 2007

NORCON 2007 (Townsville North Queensland)

For the past couple of years Townsville has hosted NORCON (Northern Convention) over the three day Queen's Birthday long weekend. However many of those outside of North Queensland have been unaware of its existence. The convention is sponsored by Micheal from 'The Games Exchange' and has only been focusing on Warhammer 40 000 and Warhammer Fantasy. Twenty odd tables were made available with 36 players from Townsville, Cairns, Charters Towers and as far away as Tasmania.

The convention itself is held at the Healtey High School Gymnasium, which is fairly large and capable of allowing for larger numbers if required.

Fortunately myself and a couple of friends were able to put on a couple of demo games over the two days of my stay. On the Saturday we played Warhammer Ancients and on the Sunday Napoleonics. This created a little interest and maybe a couple of conversions from fantasy back to historical, I guess time will tell.

Next year the organizers have shown keen interest on expanding the convention by possibly having a 'Flames of War' competition and maybe a 'Warhammer Ancients' as well, plus hopefully a few distributors. I will keep you posted on that one.


Andrew Parr said...

Nice Pics Vinnie!

Vinnie said...

Thanks Andrew,
I've been working out

Anonymous said...

Excellent Photos of the convention!

God Bless