Monday, June 11, 2007

Napoleonic Demo at NORCON

Elite Miniatures Portuguese Line Battalion (pre 1812)

Just though I would place up a few photos from our Napoleonic demo game. The game had no real scenario as it was only played on a small table and for demonstration purposes.

Elite Miniatures Portuguese Cacadores

All figures on the British side were painted by Leroy Simpson and consisted of figures from Elite Miniatures and 1st Corps ranges.

Portuguese Brigade and supporting artillery battery

The French forces are from the collections of Terry Moran and John Williams all the figures are from the Elite Miniatures range.

Elite Miniatures British Command stand (painted by Leroy)

The British line stand firm, while the French advance

The last stage of battle - the French, under the leadership of Terry Moran, break the British center, which were under the command of Bruce Horstan.

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