Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Perry Miniatures - Foot Samurai

Good old Leroy has just finished painting another unit for his quickly growing Samurai Army. These guys are from the Perry Miniatures collection and represent a unit of Foot Samurai armed with spears and have a Sashimono or banner on their backs. The banner can be very handy in WAB as it allows them to re-roll a failed break test. Not sure if this will be the same ruling in the new rules though.

Hope you like the photos.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Napoleonic Demo at NORCON

Elite Miniatures Portuguese Line Battalion (pre 1812)

Just though I would place up a few photos from our Napoleonic demo game. The game had no real scenario as it was only played on a small table and for demonstration purposes.

Elite Miniatures Portuguese Cacadores

All figures on the British side were painted by Leroy Simpson and consisted of figures from Elite Miniatures and 1st Corps ranges.

Portuguese Brigade and supporting artillery battery

The French forces are from the collections of Terry Moran and John Williams all the figures are from the Elite Miniatures range.

Elite Miniatures British Command stand (painted by Leroy)

The British line stand firm, while the French advance

The last stage of battle - the French, under the leadership of Terry Moran, break the British center, which were under the command of Bruce Horstan.

NORCON 2007 (Townsville North Queensland)

For the past couple of years Townsville has hosted NORCON (Northern Convention) over the three day Queen's Birthday long weekend. However many of those outside of North Queensland have been unaware of its existence. The convention is sponsored by Micheal from 'The Games Exchange' and has only been focusing on Warhammer 40 000 and Warhammer Fantasy. Twenty odd tables were made available with 36 players from Townsville, Cairns, Charters Towers and as far away as Tasmania.

The convention itself is held at the Healtey High School Gymnasium, which is fairly large and capable of allowing for larger numbers if required.

Fortunately myself and a couple of friends were able to put on a couple of demo games over the two days of my stay. On the Saturday we played Warhammer Ancients and on the Sunday Napoleonics. This created a little interest and maybe a couple of conversions from fantasy back to historical, I guess time will tell.

Next year the organizers have shown keen interest on expanding the convention by possibly having a 'Flames of War' competition and maybe a 'Warhammer Ancients' as well, plus hopefully a few distributors. I will keep you posted on that one.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Struggle for Greece - 3rd Battle

Our campaign to become the victor of all Greece still continues. Today John William's Theban Army and my Macedonian Army battled for a small province in Thessaly.

The Theban Army

John's Theban Army could only muster 2150pts after losing ground and territory to his last lost in battle, against the combined forces of Athens and Sparta. However even though his army was small it was also very tough. He managed to field 3 x Hopilte units (36 figures) all with heavy armour and large shield (saving throw of 3/4/5/6) and 1 x Sacred band (20 figures) which included his General (all again with heavy armour and large shield) and finally 4 x skirmisher units.

The Macedonian Army

My Macedonian Army mustered 2550pts (I had been campaigning in the north and have as yet not been involved with the battles down south). Thus I managed to feild 3 x 32 Pezhetairoi (light armour and small shield), 1 x Companion cavalry unit (with Alexander as commander), 1 x Thessalian cavalry unit, 1 x Prodromoi cavalry unit, 1 x light bolt thrower and finally 5 x skirmisher units.

Skirmishers fight it out in the opening moves

The game was only played on a 6 x 4 table, this allowed for a quick game and less chance of rallying fleeing units. Thus on the first move all skirmisher units were able to engage their opposition. John's skirmishers ended up, after the first two rounds, throwing my skirmishers back in confusion. However this move allowed my strong cavalry arm to successfully charge and destroy the majority of his skirmisher troops.

A&A Miniatures Macedonian Pike

Thessalian Cavalry and Macedonian Pezhetairoi prepare for battle

That was the easy part. The rest of John's troops had held back and formed a very good defensive position, which virtually made my cavalry useless. I could not charge the front of a phalanx. It was then up to my infantry. This task prove hard and after numerous attacks, defeats, victories and rallies I was finally able to make a impression on his forces (trying to get kills on such heavily armoured opponents is hard work).

Eventually I was able to defeat one of his Hoplite units in a flank attack and drove it from the field and in doing so opened an attack on the Sacred Band and his General. This attack went on for at least six turns until finally I was able to destroy them to a man (including the General). John's Army was thus finally defeated and routed from the field.

Blacktree design Hoplites, owned and painted by John Williams

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Perry Miniatures - Ashiguru

During the past few weeks Leroy Simpson has started collecting figures from the Perry Miniatures Samurai Range. Shown here are a few pictures of the first unit of Ashiguru he has completed. Perry Miniatures fine detail has allowed Leroy do fantastic job painting these guys. The terrain in the back ground is a Samurai castle which Leroy has been working on, when it is completed I hope to put a few shots up on the blog for you all to admire.