Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Western Franks Vs Norse

This next game was played on the following day, Sunday. Andrew Parr was in command of the Western Frank Army and the Norse Army was under the joint command of myself and Peter Hall. Both armies were fairly large, however the Franks were to out number the Norse by over 400 pts (a mistake of mine when writing up the army lists).

The Western Frank Army 4354pts

The Frank Army consisted of - 2 x Mounted Milities units (one with Dux and Standard Bearer and the other with a Bishop), 1 x light cavalry unit (Pueri), 6 x Dismounted Milities units, 1 x Mercenary Sergeants (crossbow), 2 x Liberi bowmen and 1 x Viking light infantry unit.

The Norse hoard surges forward 3973pts

The Norse Army consisted of -3 x Hirdmen units (one with the Kunnungr, the other with a Godi and three berserkers per unit), 4 x Bondi units (with a Hersir per unit), 1 x Jomsviking light infantry unit and 2 x Bondi bowmen units.

Dismounted Milities advance undercover of a unit of Liberi bowmen

Peter's and my plan was to try and break the enemy formations by leading with our best units and thier berserkers, try to destroy at least two central units and crush Andrews centre, while trying to avoid his powerful cavalry arm.

A unit of Bondi and Dismounted Milities lock shieldwalls

But like most great plans we had a few flaws and Andrew's positioning and great tactical skill countered nearly all of our moves.

Norman Light cavalry out flank the Viking line and move into their rear.

However in one of the last combats of the game there was a battle between both the Army Commanders and Andrew Dux was cleaved in two by a two handed battle axe, wielded by our Konnungr. Unfortunately none of Andrews troops even flinch at his lost and our Konnungr's unit was soon overwhelmed from shear weight in numbers. Our King fell and our troops withdrew from the field. Andrew was to win again - two days in row (next time Andrew we will have you).

Shieldwalls clash

All the Norman and a good number of the Vikings were painted by Leroy Simpson. The remaining figures were painted by myself, Scott Robertson and Mark Fry a number of years ago (about ten).

The Konnungr and his bodyguards charge a unit of Dismounted Milities

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