Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Struggle For Greece - 2

Before I went away we played the second battle from our 'Struggle for Greece' campaign. This time the forces arranged against each our were the John Williams Thebes' vs the combined forces of Leroy Simpson's' Spartans and Peter Hall Athenians.

Leroy's' small Spartan Army (all 1st Corps figures)

John's force consisted just 2200pts and with this small force he was to try and battle the combined totals of 3700pts, from the allied side.

The Athenian Army (1st Corps miniatures)

In the first number of turns John forces were able to inflict a minor defeat on the Athenians and forced their General, with a number of other units, to retreat. However just before Peter's troops were about to leave the table he was some how able to rally them. His units then turned back on to Johns over stretched forces and destroyed one of his hoplite units. This was the turning point for John. His over stretched line was to be pressed hard on both flanks. The Athenians on the left and the Spartan forces on the right. His Army soon broke and was force to leave the field. However this was not end of his Army. John withdrew back into the mountains to regroup and enlist more mercenary to carry on the war.

Spartan Command stand (all Blacktree Design and painted by John Williams)

Thebian hoplites clash with Spartan hoplites (Blacktree vs 1st Corps)

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