Monday, May 28, 2007

Punic Wars - (WAB)

Last weekend Andrew Parr flew up from Sydney to play a couple of games with the boys from Townsville. The first game we put on was a battle between the forces of Republic of Rome and Carthage. Andrew and Peter Hall played the Romans and Myself and Leroy were to try and master the Carthaginians forces. The armies deployed both totaled of 3700pts each and were both from Leroy Simpson's collection.

Roman Republican Army

The Romans fielded 2 x Triarius units, 3 x Princeps units, 3 x Hastatus units, 2 x Raw Hastatus, 2 x velites units, 1 x Syracusian skirmisher unit and 2 x Roman cavalry units.

The Carthaginian Army

Carthage fielded 1x Veteran infantry unit, 1 x Italian infantry unit, 1 x Celtiberian Scutarii unit, 1 x Gallic Veteran unit, 4 x Gallic Warrior units, 2 x skirmisher units, 1 x Balearic slinger unit, 3 x Elephants (more then allowed but wanted to make the game a little more interesting), 1 x Gallic Noble cavalry unit and 1 x Punic Heavy cavalry unit.

A Gallic warband with a elephant in support prepares to charge, while the Italian Infantry clash (and later get destroyed) with a Hastatus unit.

With the Carthaginian army looking so fierce and having won the imitative, our Gallic allies, almost to the unit failed to hold their ground and surged forward. This in turn forced the rest of our non-warband units to move forward with them. However we never really had a plan on our side and were just keen to get to grips with the Romans and spill a little blood.

Roman and Carthaginian cavalry units charge in - this was one of our only victories.

This however was not the net result as we were up against a veteran of many a battles - Andrew Parr. He unlike us had a well though out plan and we fell for the trap.

A&A Miniatures Carthaginian Command stand (figures painted by Leroy Simpson)

The Roman line advances

Our forces ended up being split in two and to true form he destroyed our units one after the other, our elephants were non-effective and our General ran. So in the end it was the Romans who split our blood and I think we only destroyed one of his units - what a slaughter.

A&A Carthaginian Heavy cavalry (shields and figures hand painted by Leroy)

A&A Miniatures Spanish allied troops

1st Corps Raw Hastati


Milton said...

Man these looks good! More inpiration for me to finish rebasing my ancient army. The hand painted shield is especially nice...

Vinnie said...

Looking at well painted armies sure is an inpiration. You should try living just down the road from Leroy. I could spend hours looking at the figures he has painted.He does a fantastic job.