Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ciudad Rodrigo (Peninsula Campaign Game)

Last month Andrew Parr and Adam Burke played another battle from their Napoleonic Peninsular campaign. This time their forces met at the fortress town of Ciudad Rodrigo, which controlled one of the two main routes between Spain and Portugal. Wellington laid siege to the town in 1812 and it fell without to much difficulty. In Andrews' and Adams' game the situation was a little different. The fortress had already fallen, to the English and it was now the turn of the French to try and retake the town.

From what I have been told (from Adam) Andrew suffered a major defeat (by two Portuguese battalions), first time for the French in this game and were forced to retreat.

The British forces are from Adams' and Andrews' collections

The French troops are Andrews' collection and most of the line infantry battalions are Elite Miniatures.

The terrain is fantastic and looks great, which is Adams' on going project and has inspired me to start rebuilding my terrain.

Just another short note Matthew Williamson from 'The Australia Napoleonic Society' is putting on another convention in September. If your are keen to attend have a look at the local club web page for further details

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