Saturday, April 21, 2007

Norman Vs Norman

Today's game was played by myself and John Williams on a 4 x 6 foot table. The game was based on two Norman Dux's fighting it out against each other, for the right to rule. The Armies were only small, both only 2600pts, but more then enough to play in couple of hours and also knock back a few light beers.

Crusader mounted Norman knights (Milites)

Crusader Light Norman Cavalry (Pueri)

All figures were painted by Leroy Simpson and with the Normans they would have to be the best figures he has ever painted, they are excellent. The Saxons figures you would of seen in my previous posts. However this was the first time his Normans had ever been on the table top, they were painted almost two years ago, were gathering dust and Leroy has been thinking of selling them. So I thought I'd better give them a run before they were sold. Anyway the game went well for me and not so good for John as his Dux was routed from the field in the fourth turn - sorry John.

Two of Leroy's' Norman command stands

The Norman figures are all Crusader Miniatures and the Saxon (used as Vikings from the Dogs of War list - WAB) are Blacktree Design.

Archers hiding in the forrest take time to pick their targets

Milites and Pueri clash - no need to tell you who the victor was

The Norman shieldwall stands firm (all Normans are Crusader Miniatures , slingers are Blacktree design)


Andrew Parr said...

You Duked it out.....

Vinnie said...

As always - Duked

Rob Edgar said...

I was curious about the basing on the Normans (as I am just about to base mine) what are the base sizes and number of figures you are using.

Are these for any particular set of rules or just generic?

Many thanks

Vinnie said...

Leroy has based his Normans six figures per base, which I think are 60 x 40mm. He got the idea from the Shield Wall supplement of Warhammer Ancients. Which is also the rule we play. They are a great set of rules and easy to learn.

All the best