Friday, April 13, 2007

More pictures from my last game in Brisbane

There were quite a few photos taken of this game by Ken Jowett and myself so I thought I would put a few more of them up again for your enjoyment.

Greek mercenaries and skirmishers from Antigonus's left flank move forward

Tarentines and Parthian horse archers from Antigonus's left flank move forward to counter Eumenes's cavalry screen

A&A and Vendel Miniatures stand side by side waiting for the charge of Eumenes's elephants

Prodromoi and Xystophoroi


Andrew Parr said...

How did the Prodromoi go?

Vinnie said...

The boys went Ok. They got a bit of a beating on the first day, but manage to take a few scalps on the second.