Sunday, April 1, 2007

Macedonian Prodromos or Sarissophori

In the last few days, with the help of Leroy Simpson, I have just finished painting and basing a unit of A & A Miniatures Macedonian Prodromos or Sarissophoroi. I have painted them to reflect one of Angus McBride's illustrations and also that of the wall painting from the 'Kinch Tomb'. The figures are also very good, as is most of the figures from A & A Miniatures range. They come in two separate parts, legs and torso, so that you can adjust the positions of the lances as you see fit. Painting then is quite easy, as they are wearing no armour or extra pieces of kit and if you don't want to paint them as I have, then one easy colour will to the trick.

These guys where the eye's and ears for Alexander's army moving in to Asia and were at the forefront of many battles during his campaigns. In the WAB - Rise of Macedon Army List - the Prodromoi seem to be very though fellows to fight. With a weapon and ballistic skill of four and a leadership of eight, then not to mention, if they are armed with the kontos, then to wound goes down one and the enemy's save goes up one. Plus everyone favorite, they can form wedge. In the long run they are just as good as your Companions or Thessalians.

The wall painting from the 'Kinch Tomb'

However I have yet to see a unit of them played with on top of the gaming board or in any one's army. Hopefully these pictures might inspire other gamers to paint up a unit and to throw into their next battle.


Andrew Parr said...

Excellent work, i agree, they do not appearon many gaming boards and it is a great shame!
Well Done

Vinnie said...

Thanks Andrew - champ

Scullmeister said...

Great use of true historical reference for your colour scheme.