Friday, April 13, 2007

The Brisbane Muster

Sword and the Flame demo game with Castaway Arts figures (painted by Gerry Web)

The Brisbane Muster is held every year, on the Easter long weekend. It is hosted by Gerry Webb from Castaway Arts and is located at the Chifley Hotel in the Brisbane mall. The muster mainly comprises of a number of demonstration games, put on by friends and of Gerry and local gaming clubs. This year also saw four trade stands attend, which were Castaway Arts, Elite Miniatures Australia, Battlescape Miniatures and another stand selling some great resin terrain pieces.

Successor game hosted by Scott Robertson and Myself (Brian Sinclair in the back ground pondering his next move)

The demo games were ranging from American Civil War, The Age of Chivalry (WAB), the Sudan - Sword and the Flame, The Boxer Rebellion and the Wars of the Successors (WAB).

Boxer Rebellion demo game hosted by Gavin Shanks and figures painted by Leroy Simpson

Next year Gerry is hoping to get a lot more publicity and invites anyone, who wishes to put on a demo game or just come along to play, to visit his website and register for the next games.

ACW 15mm demo game

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