Monday, April 23, 2007

The Boys from Perth 2

The Boys from Perth, under the leadership and guidance of Carlo Pagano, last weekend put on a fantastic Successor Wars (WAB) competition at their local club. Carlo has allowed me to post a few of the great shots taken over the weekends play --Enjoy.

Thanks Carlo

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Norman Vs Norman

Today's game was played by myself and John Williams on a 4 x 6 foot table. The game was based on two Norman Dux's fighting it out against each other, for the right to rule. The Armies were only small, both only 2600pts, but more then enough to play in couple of hours and also knock back a few light beers.

Crusader mounted Norman knights (Milites)

Crusader Light Norman Cavalry (Pueri)

All figures were painted by Leroy Simpson and with the Normans they would have to be the best figures he has ever painted, they are excellent. The Saxons figures you would of seen in my previous posts. However this was the first time his Normans had ever been on the table top, they were painted almost two years ago, were gathering dust and Leroy has been thinking of selling them. So I thought I'd better give them a run before they were sold. Anyway the game went well for me and not so good for John as his Dux was routed from the field in the fourth turn - sorry John.

Two of Leroy's' Norman command stands

The Norman figures are all Crusader Miniatures and the Saxon (used as Vikings from the Dogs of War list - WAB) are Blacktree Design.

Archers hiding in the forrest take time to pick their targets

Milites and Pueri clash - no need to tell you who the victor was

The Norman shieldwall stands firm (all Normans are Crusader Miniatures , slingers are Blacktree design)

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Brisbane Muster

Sword and the Flame demo game with Castaway Arts figures (painted by Gerry Web)

The Brisbane Muster is held every year, on the Easter long weekend. It is hosted by Gerry Webb from Castaway Arts and is located at the Chifley Hotel in the Brisbane mall. The muster mainly comprises of a number of demonstration games, put on by friends and of Gerry and local gaming clubs. This year also saw four trade stands attend, which were Castaway Arts, Elite Miniatures Australia, Battlescape Miniatures and another stand selling some great resin terrain pieces.

Successor game hosted by Scott Robertson and Myself (Brian Sinclair in the back ground pondering his next move)

The demo games were ranging from American Civil War, The Age of Chivalry (WAB), the Sudan - Sword and the Flame, The Boxer Rebellion and the Wars of the Successors (WAB).

Boxer Rebellion demo game hosted by Gavin Shanks and figures painted by Leroy Simpson

Next year Gerry is hoping to get a lot more publicity and invites anyone, who wishes to put on a demo game or just come along to play, to visit his website and register for the next games.

ACW 15mm demo game

More pictures from my last game in Brisbane

There were quite a few photos taken of this game by Ken Jowett and myself so I thought I would put a few more of them up again for your enjoyment.

Greek mercenaries and skirmishers from Antigonus's left flank move forward

Tarentines and Parthian horse archers from Antigonus's left flank move forward to counter Eumenes's cavalry screen

A&A and Vendel Miniatures stand side by side waiting for the charge of Eumenes's elephants

Prodromoi and Xystophoroi

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Battle of Gabiene

This year, at the 'Brisbane Muster', myself and Scott Robertson put on massive demonstration game comprising of over 1000 figures. The game was based on a re-fight of the Battle of Gabiene (317/16 BC) between possibly the two greatest generals of the Successors, Antigonus and Eumenes. Both had served under Alexander the Great and were now fighting over the right to rule in his footsteps.

Antigonus's army consisted of 22 000 foot, 9000 horse and 65 elephants.

Eumenes had 36 000 foot (including the Silver Shields), 6000 horse and 114 elephants.

In the actual battle Eumenes's phalanx destroyed Antigonus's but his cavalry was decisively beaten and fled from the field. However Antigonus's cavalry won and brought victory for him, ever though his infantry had lost, his cavalry had gone behind Eumenes's army and captured their camp. It was because of this action that the Silver Shields turn in their lot with Eumenes and went over to Antigonus. Eumenes was latter killed and the remnants of his army was enlisted into that of Antigonus's.

Scott Robertson, James and Ken Jowett make their next moves.

Eumenes's Silver Shields (Foundry Miniatures) push back the phalanx of Antigonus (A&A Miniatures)
Our battle ended up much the same. The Silver Shields proved their worth and pushed back the Antigonus's phalanx. However a strong cavalry force and a number of elephants soon turn the cavalry battle into Eumenes favour as well (plus some unbelievably lucky dice rolling from James).

Pike and elephants clash

The terrain was made by Robert Fletcher, photos were taken by myself and Ken Jowett. The other guys playing were Scott Robertson, Brian Sinclair, Kevin Jowett, his son James and Mark Temple.

Skirmishers and a bolt thrower provide the only support for Antigonus's base camp. The base camp was stratch built by Scott.

A great shot of the phalanx's about to clash

Essex companions and elephant (painted by Scott) attack 1st Corp Greek settler cavalry (painted by Leroy Simpson)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Macedonian Prodromos or Sarissophori

In the last few days, with the help of Leroy Simpson, I have just finished painting and basing a unit of A & A Miniatures Macedonian Prodromos or Sarissophoroi. I have painted them to reflect one of Angus McBride's illustrations and also that of the wall painting from the 'Kinch Tomb'. The figures are also very good, as is most of the figures from A & A Miniatures range. They come in two separate parts, legs and torso, so that you can adjust the positions of the lances as you see fit. Painting then is quite easy, as they are wearing no armour or extra pieces of kit and if you don't want to paint them as I have, then one easy colour will to the trick.

These guys where the eye's and ears for Alexander's army moving in to Asia and were at the forefront of many battles during his campaigns. In the WAB - Rise of Macedon Army List - the Prodromoi seem to be very though fellows to fight. With a weapon and ballistic skill of four and a leadership of eight, then not to mention, if they are armed with the kontos, then to wound goes down one and the enemy's save goes up one. Plus everyone favorite, they can form wedge. In the long run they are just as good as your Companions or Thessalians.

The wall painting from the 'Kinch Tomb'

However I have yet to see a unit of them played with on top of the gaming board or in any one's army. Hopefully these pictures might inspire other gamers to paint up a unit and to throw into their next battle.